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The ancient ceremony of Swan Upping is currently taking place. Starting on Monday 15th July at Sunbury the three Swan Markers, six traditional Thames rowing skiffs and a large number of rowers begin their journey up the Thames to catch swans and cygnets as they go to count them, ring them, weigh them and check their health. The journey to Abingdon takes five days, and has been carried out each July for over 900 years
Swans are owned by three parties, The Sovereign, The Worshipful Company of Vintners and the Worshipful Company of Dyers. The crews are distinguishable by their uniforms. The Queens swan uppers ware red shirts with the royal crest embroidered on the front, The Vintners where navy blue shirts and the Dyers where white shirts. All have white trousers and white sailing shoes.
On day three of their journey they arrive at Marlow Lock around 5.30 pm.

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The Flotilla ArrivesSwan Uppers approach Marlow lockSwan Uppers rowing Thames SkiffsFollowersA Banner Carrying BoatA Follower sporting a Fine HatLady GenevieveVintners San UppersVintners Swan UppersLooking to make for the River BankDyers Swan UppersDyers making for the River BankHer Majesty's Swan UppersThe Flotilla leaves Marlow LockMoving towards Marlow BridgeThe Flotilla with Marlow Mill in the Background.Black WatchWelcomeA very pretty Thames BoatSwan Uppers leave Marlow Lock